Car Insurance: Does It Cover the Car or the Driver?

The insurance marketplace is one of the most confusing industries ever created. The objective of insurance companies is to generate revenue, not disburse checks. Due to the endless tug of war between insurance providers and injured parties, the process of getting compensated for injuries or property damage has become extremely complicated. There are plenty of resources that provide tips on buying a car, but those that offer advice about insurance aren’t as plentiful.

Many people in an accident legitimately wonder what does full car insurance cover. Does car insurance cover the car or the driver? For drivers in Sacramento, other questions often arise, such as:

  • Does my car insurance cover my child?
  • What insurance policy do I need?
  • Can I afford insurance for my younger children?
  • Will insurance cover all or just part of the damages?

Who is Covered by Car Insurance?

Regardless of the vehicle you drive (car, truck or SUV), whether insurance covers the vehicle or the driver is dependent on a few factors. The primary factor is the type of insurance policy you have, so keep in mind:

  • Drivers who aren’t on your insurance policy may be covered by collision, comprehensive, and liability insurance.
  • Liability coverage may not only cover the driver but also provide protection if the person on the policy is driving another vehicle (i.e., a friend’s car, a rental, etc.)

Liability insurance can cover similar situations. One policy can be used to cover damages to a certain point. Then, a second policy may take care of expenses not covered by the first.

The Difference Between Comprehensive and Liability Insurance

Full car insurance isn’t a particular kind of policy, but rather a combination of different coverage. Full coverage is similar to having collision, comprehensive, and liability insurance all at once. So, what’s the difference between them? Both collision and comprehensive car insurance will provide coverage for the insured vehicle. They cover the damaged vehicle in the event of an accident or vandalism. On the other hand, liability insurance covers the driver irrespective of the vehicle the driver is operating provided the vehicle is eligible. ATVs, snowmobiles, and different modes of transportation may be excluded.

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